Iain MacPhail and His Scottish Country Dance Band

7.00 - 11.00pm

Saturday 24th February 2018.

Pittville School, Albert Road, CHELTENHAM, GL52 3JD

£18 (American supper)

          GRAND MARCH

          NOTTINGHAM LACE                       96R                 Bradley
          PELORUS JACK                              8x32J               41/1
          LINNEA’S STRATHSPEY                 8x32S              47/2
          LOCHALSH REEL                            8x40R             Skye 2
          MACLEOD’S FANCY                        4x32J              33/3
          GANG THE SAME GATE                 8x32S              36/4
          REEL OF THE 51st DIVISION          8x32R             13/10
          SIDE BY SIDE                                  8x40J              Goldring 15
          NEIDPATH CASTLE                         3x32S             22/9
          MONTGOMERIES’ RANT                8x32R             10/1

          IONA CROSS                                  3x32S+3x32R   Whetherley-17
         TRIBUTE TO THE BORDERS        8x32J                Leaflet
          FLOWER OF THE QUERN            4x32S               Drewry – Can
          MILTON’S WELCOME                    8x32R              33/8
          WATERNISH TANGLE                    8x32J               Skye 2
          Mrs MILNE OF KINNEFF                4x32S               Leaflet
          FALLS OF ROGIE                           8x32R               Attwood 1
          Mrs STEWART’S JIG                      8x32J                35/1
          MORAY RANT                                 3x48S               Drewry – SC
          MAIRI’S WEDDING                         8x40R                Cosh

          IRISH ROVER                                   8x32R              Cosh
          POSTIE’S JIG                                   4x32J               Clowes 5


John Marshall,



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