Iain MacPhail and His Scottish Country Dance Band

7.00 - 11.00pm

Saturday 23rd February 2019.

Pittville School, Albert Road, CHELTENHAM, GL52 3JD

£20 (Please bring a plate)

          GRAND MARCH TO THE PIPES      

           ROUND REEL OF EIGHT                     88R            27/7
         FLYING SPUR                                       8x32J         Drewry Canadian
         FAR NORTH QUEENSLAND                5x32S        Kangaroo
         RUTLAND REEL                                   8x40R        48/2
         COOPER’S WIFE                                  8x40J         Mitchell-17
         FOXHILL COURT                                  8x32S        Drewry Canadian
         ZYTGLOGGE                                        8x32R        Blackburn
         NURSERYMAN                                     8x32J         37/7
        ROBERTSON RANT                              80S            39/8
        POSTIE’S JIG                                        4x32J         Clowes -5

        DREAM CATCHER                                96S            45/9
        FIDGET                                                  8x32R        16/1
        FATHER CONNELLY’S JIG                  4x64J          Drewry Donside
        BONNIE STRONSHIRAY                      8x32S         Campbell
        STAIRCASE IN STYRIA                        5x40R        Gray
        PELORUS JACK                                   8x32J         41/1
        SHIFTIN’ BOBBINS                              8x32R         Clowes - 6
        MISS ELEANOR                                   3x32S         49/5
        FOLLOW ME HOME                             8x32J         38/3
        REEL OF THE ROYAL SCOTS            8x32R         Leaflet 7

       IRISH ROVER                                         8x32R         Cosh
       BEES OF MAGGIEKNOCKETER          4x32J           Drewry


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